How to build your own website

In class I have to demonstrate how to do something that people can learn that is original. So I have decided to choose to teach my classmate how to code and making their own website. Because this is their first time coding and making their website, I will start with a simple lesson. This lesson is called Hello World which the first thing you will learn if you are taking a computer science class. So in this lesson I will show you how to make the words bolded, centered, and color coded it. The first thing you will need to have a notepad in the computer so you can write in. Then you will type in < ! doctype> then underneath that you would type in <html>then underneath that  <head> and underneath that you would write </head>. After typing in head , you are going to type <body>. Typing in head is the element that contains metadata (data about data) and body is for you to write everything such as your paragraphs. The next step is optional, if you want to color code your words for example you would type <font color +#50b183> and if you want it to be bold you would type next to it <b> and for center is <center>. If you want a certain font you would type in something like <font size= “40”>. Next to it you want it to say Hello world or anything that you want to say then you would want to end it typing </b></center><font>. If you would like to type more things then you would do the same thing as your Hello World. then you would want to end it writing </body> and <html> underneath it. After everything has been done you need to save it to your desktop and then open it into the internet.

CaptureThis is how it’s suppose to look when doing it and when you are finished.

Clichés Are For the Weak

This is true that mud is something that is not cliche. It’s something new and broad to write about . Sometimes people think the worst about mud but it’s something that is use in everyday life.



People tend to stay away from anything that seems unclean. They avoid it in the worst manner, not giving it any chance to show its worth. Mud for example, is seen as nothing but dirt and water. People step over puddles of mud. They tell their children not to get anywhere near it, as if it were cancerous, but in reality, mud is the exact opposite. In recent studies, researchers have shown that mud is good for a child’s immune system. Mud also contains a microscopic bacteria called  Mycobacterium vaccae, that increases levels of serotonin in our brains- relieving stress.Mud_Volcano_in_Gobustan_01

Mud is not only beneficial to health- It is used essentially used as a beneficial product around the world. The Haitians are so poor, they resort in making, selling, and eating a sort of mud-cookie. The mud-cookie is the only food they have, and has become popular for over some…

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“A Perfect World”!?

A world that is perfect would not be a natural thing in life. There can never be a perfect world maybe peaceful but not a perfect world. Why is that? Well, it is because we are humans and we have too much free will in the world allowing us to do anything we want. Some people don’t have a religion to allow them to follow rules or feel like that they know it’s wrong. For example, catholic people have ten commandments and what is going to happen when they die for them to worry more about their lives. If there’s a perfect world would you like it? I would say probably 95% of people would hate it because it’s not a world you are use too and people are probably not who they are. This so called perfect world people refer to is call “Utopia”.  Veronica Roth said “If you actually succeed in creating a utopia, you’ve created a world without conflict, in which everything is perfect. And if there’s no conflict, there are no stories worth telling – or reading!”, she would know because she wrote a book on a so-called “utopia” in her series book of “Divergent”. There are so many books about a “perfect world” like “The Giver” or “The Hunger Games” they all have a story telling how bad it is. People tend to think that world peace and creating a perfect world is the same but that’s false. World peace is having no war, poverty, hunger, killings, and etc. That is world peace, keeping the world happy and safe but still live a normal life. The song below talks about how we should stand up for what we belive is right. It’s from the book “The Giver” the boy Jonas wants to stop his people who are living the perfect world to stop doing terrible things in order to make the world perfect. Not everything should go how it’s suppose to be in life.

The start of something new

The first of January is the time to let go of the past and start something new in life.  We tend to hold onto the past that is making you keep on thinking about it constantly. The key word in the start of something new is New. Why do we write new year resolutions every time and why don’t we keep that resolutions? We write it so we have something new to do instead of looking back knowing that you didn’t do the things that we get to do. We don’t keep our resolutions because we are lazy and we doubt ourselves that we can’t achieve it. It’s such a big time waster that you will regret when you are older because whats the point of life if you don’t achieve what you want for yourself. Achieving these little goals can help you achieve bigger goals that you need to accomplish in life. Take a chance of the great possibilities that there are and don’t let anyone or yourself say that you can’t do it. Two of my favorite quote for the New Year is “A new year means a new beginning” and “everyone should start a new chapter of their life.” This is time for you to spread your wings and soar to great new possibilities that you have or that the world throws at you. Celebrate everyday of your life and listen to what your heart wants you to accomplish not what your head say that you should do. To me a new year resolution is like a bucket list, a list you do so that you can remember you have accomplished it in your life. Every new beginning has a end to it’s story no matter how short or long that story might be.


Why is slavery still existing today?!

Modern slavery today should never ever existed today it should have stayed in the past! No human being should be a slave no matter what. There are slaves from all ages and they work for about 16 to 24 hours a day and 80 hours a week. These people are treated so badly and no one is aware of what is happening to these slaves no these people. They are not slaves, they are people just like all of us and they have any rights like we do. But sadly where they are at they don’t. That is why we should do something about and there is a program called “Free the slaves”, who are helping these people.  In one of the ted talk the speaker said she had to sneak in to take pictures of these people working because if the owner found out they would get hurt. And if you were to give them money, they would be terrified and not take it because they know the consequence of what happen if they did. The lady from Free the slaves went to India and found out that children had to carry bricks onto their head about like 6 or 10 or whatever they can carry. If they did not do what they are told who knows what punishment they might get. Just like in Fredrick Douglas he wanted to learn how to read and write, if someone found out that he knows how to do these things he would be whipped or beaten. “Class-based education system is another reason for increasing child Labour; villages lack standardized education systems and as a result, child Labour is on increase in rural areas.”


The worst thing about slavery is that it is happening in the U.S. were we have established a long time ago that it would be banished. It is written in the thirteen amendment that slavery is outlawed slavery and we fought for liberty when we said “give freedom or give me death.” In the article of New York Time: Forced labor on American Shores said “On June 29, Walmart said it had suspended one of its seafood suppliers in Louisiana for violating its workplace standards. The action came as an advocacy group for foreign guest workers announced that it had uncovered appalling abuses at the company, C. J.’s Seafood, and at a dozen other Walmart suppliers too.” This is saying that Americans are making the immigrants to work for them with no payment and forcing them to work long hours each days. I am outraged by Americans today who even have the guts to force people to work. We are suppose to be the place where it is safe for people who are trying to escaping from where they come from. Frederick Douglass once said “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own.” Saying that it is better to be who you are than who you are not, no matter the situation.  




The Art of Noticing

Every day we start to notice things around from when we wake up until the time we start to go to sleep. Actually, even when we go to sleep we also noticing things from our dreams and thoughts that we haven’t stopped to think during our day. In my English class, we are given the assignment to write down what we did and saw during the two days. I found something that others would find interesting is the broadcasting at my school. on how they make it, which is fun and interesting to watch, unlike some school broadcasting news. This a great idea for those who in acting, photography, working on computers making the video better, and etc. On the other I was going to study for the S.A.T to prepare for it the day after that. So I asked if my English could stay after school to help me study. and he said yes and it was on a Friday, when he could be going home to be with his family or do something else that day. That is something I saw that I was compelled to share. I mean there’s not a lot of teachers that would stay after school on a Friday and help a student with his or her S.A.T. S.A.T is the most important thing for a high school student, it determine if you can make it to the university that you want to go to. The lesson is open your eyes and you will see something that you haven’t seen before or maybe you have but haven’t notice. Don’t be afraid to do anything such as asking your teachers for help or doing what you want to do with your life. Use your talents for greatness and don’t let anyone bring you down.


Choosing your own ending

Some people think that the world has already planned something out for them and that they have a destiny to fulfill. Well, that’s not true because we don’t know what everything going to happen next. How we want to end things in our lives is our choice there is no one there telling you what your life’s going to be like. There a show called, “The Flash” and  in this one episode a descendant from the future came to destroy the flash. He told his great-great grandfather that in the future he is nothing and he will never the girl that he love’s. Well, his descendant from the future was wrong and to save the world he shot himself to get rid of his evil descendant. His last word is “I am a hero after all” he choose his destiny. He didn’t let someone in the future tell him that he is nothing when he is something. The ending of our life is so important, so choose your ending wisely, it could be a happy or sad ending.Every story has a great beginning, but the end can be great or nonsignificant. We were born to write our own story and not wait until someone write your own story for you. In the beginning is great and in the middle it might suck but the end is all up to you. Every last second counts so make every moment of your life counts.Fight for the ending that you want in your life and don’t let anything stop you from achieving it. Your ending is not just your last but could be your beginning of a new life that you have started for yourself.



We all have our own little thoughts of what heaven is to us. It could be by religion or by what we think it is. Personally I say that heaven is with God because he is the one have made us. Some are scared to ever think of what’s going to happen to death, that they don’t know exactly where they are going. When we die and if we make it to heaven then we would be working for the Lord. There won’t be any worries, no sadness, no competition, and anything that will lead us to sin, but we do get to have free will to decide our own choices. God will not make us do something we do not want to do, like choosing if we want to go to heaven with God or not because we have different beliefs. If seeing God isn’t  enough to change your mind in believing and having faith in him then I don’t know what’s he going to do. I know for a fact that God will not send the person who have done good but does not believe in him to hell. Most people tend to think that there is no consequences once we die, but there is. Most people also think when they die and will live in their own luxurious fantasy whether it is money, girls or boys, or everything that they do not have when they were alive. I believe when we die we become saints and we will see everyone in heaven (like family we haven’t seen). I say stop and think for a moment and think what if there is a God that will judge us if we were evil or good? Will there be consequences to my actions? Not everyone goes to hell jut because they did something bad, it al depends on that action that we are doing. There is purgatory to try to make things right by thinking about our actions and really ask for the forgiveness we ask for. In conclusion, it’s all up to you on how you decide what to believe heaven is like.



People Always Leave

So many people leave us in so many ways such as death or leaving our family or etc. The question we ask is how do you deal with this problem? Should we be mad or depressed or get over it and forgive ? So many questions that we may have, the best way to me is try and understand the reason why and how come? After finding the reason it’s really up to you, you can either forgive and forget or do something you may regret. Don’t let what they did to ruin your life. People Always Leave but they do come back sometimes. When it comes to death well that is hard but don’t let their death bring you down and make you do stupid things. I know that people at this time would block the people that loves them away or maybe they will attempt suicide or do something so that they would feel something inside of them. The best way is to let people in because talking to someone will only release that pain that you hold inside of you. Death always have a reason unless otherwise. Accepting life of how its suppose to be is the one of the way to get over things. Be happy for the person that have passed because now they are in heaven with God. Don’t let people leaving ruin your life,all you can do is take care of your family and yourself. Pick yourself up and become something great. If someone mostly couples have problems and the person leave out of the door doesn’t always mean they are gone. The best couple is the couple that keeps on working on communication and not giving up so easily. It will alway be tough, but no one ever said it would be easy. Whenever you do leave, think first before reacting. There will be so many things you are leaving behind. I keep all my emotions in and I don’t have anyone to talk to which make me angry all the time. That is why its hard for me to express my feelings. If someone offers to help you, take that great opportunity because it only come so very few. Life is unfair but who cares! Live in the moment, life is short, and stop comparing to others! There are monsters outside into the real world, fight them and don’t let them bring you down. No one can break you down because you got an unbreakable smile.


These are two of my favorite pictures when I was watching One Tree Hill. I can relate to this and I know so many people would relate to this as well. The first picture is when this girl Peyton who drew this lost her mom and her birth mother. The second picture that she drew was ever since  she lost her mother her father kept on leaving her alone at home so that he could sail to go to work. Peyton has so many people that left her besides her  parents like the guy she loves a lot. The last picture with the two hands is when two married couples had problems and the husband left his wife. Later they worked it out together and they became a whole. We all have problems in our lives and sometimes will be resolved. Never give up on life and anything at all!

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